Affiliate & Dealership

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We believe in sharing, our expertise, our ecosystem and our earnings. Because we believe that PlusClouds can only grow if you grow.

To fulfill this vision we developed a unique affiliation program that we all can benefit from.

How can we earn ?

Its simple; you send us leads or registered accounts, we provide you earnings.

How can we control earnings ?

We provide a simple CRM to all of our partners. In that CRM we provide various extensive tools like Account management, Lead management, Campaign management and so on. By this tool you can list your own customers and their payments, so that you can see how you are doing with the affiliation.

How can we get our earnings ?

Its again simple. Either you provide us a bank account with IBAN so that we can wire transfer you your earnings or you can use those earnings to enhance your marketing by using PlusClouds marketing options.

How much do we earn ?

We give you;
- 0,1$ per lead you send us.
- 1$ per registration
- %75 of the earnings for the first payment of your customer
- %5 of the earnings for two years

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