Briefly PlusClouds
PlusClouds is a worldwide brand of Cloud computing, which has been established by the mission that brings the newest technologies to the users. By this purpose, PlusClouds has begun to supply the system which is needed to migrate the physical systems of the servers and applications which are used by many companies to the cloud systems.

Important Steps
PlusClouds went online in 2011 but the innovations in cloud computing provided by PlusClouds acknowledged countrywide in Turkey. Furthermore, PlusClouds was declared as one of the newest players at Turkey by IDC Turkey Cloud Computing in 2012.

PlusClouds became the first platform that software companies can publish their softwares in 2013. In this year, many software companies has started to sell their softwares only via PlusClouds. PlusClouds, as the leader of Cloud computing in Turkey, expand overseas in 2013 and started to be a distribution point for foreign software firms. Expanding abroad started by the sales to Europe and India.

At the beginning of 2014, PlusClouds and TTNET which is the most valuable brand in Turkey, agreed on marketing the PlusClouds’ software marketplace together. By this agreement PlusClouds’ software marketplace was presented on TTNET’s website and all TTNET shops all around Turkey. After launching this collaboration PlusClouds gained the esteem of the companies which are sited around Middle East.

Best of Turkey
PlusClouds’ advanced cloud infrastructure sited at 2 data centers with 130.000 servers capacity and created by Turkish engineers in Turkey. Besides, it is the first Cloud Computing product of Turkey, the system is suitable for Europe standards.

PlusClouds still keeps on leading to Cloud-based technologies in Turkey.

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