Cloud Storage for professionals providing access from anywhere.Bulut Depolama.

Utilize your disk with all of your servers by giving permissions to specific IP addresses. Back up your VMware and XenServers or connect the disk to your personal computer.

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VDirect-attached storage disk sharing service for data centers or offices with fiber internet

PC Mass Storage

Utilize on all servers

For Cloud Server, VPS/VDS and everything else... Wherever your server is, your disks are always nearby with DriveEngine. Can be mounted to your Linux and Windows servers as disks, and back up your VMware and XenServer.

Pc High IO

Secure and fast

DriveEngine operates according to IP permissions and is highly secure. It doesn’t accept requests from any addresses apart from the ones specified by you. For those authorized IPs, it provides high-speed service.

Up and running 24/7

Ready-to-use 100 GB space

We set up 100 GB of backup space in the first installation so that you can start operating immediately. Create a PlusClouds cloud account now to start backing up your files right away.

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DriveEngine has active NFS, iSCSI, FTP and SAMBA support. In addition, DriveEngine offers one solution to multiple problems with iSCSI, FTP and Samba backup options.

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