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PlusClouds provides platforms depending to your performance, software and security requirements. We also provide turn-key infrastructure for monthly payments with our partners.

Having your own private cloud environment is not as costly and difficult as you think with PlusClouds.

Private Cloud prevents third - party providers from accessing transactions and confidential data by providing you with top-level security and privacy. As well as being safe, it is also fast. In addition if your organization has branches, they can access data securely via VPN.

Our Private Cloud product provides you with scalability, flexibility, additional control and customization possibilities.

PlusClouds LEO provides end-to-end orchestration for your existing infrastructure. In this way, you can do the flexibility transactions you want in a cloud structure of your own.

You'll deal less with system, hardware issues and able to reduce IT costs with a virtualized infrastructure.
We know that when you set up data centers, you spend enough on the machines. Why do you need to pay a license fee for virtualization? As PlusClouds we provide you with cloud environment without any license fee.

Cloud environment designed specifically for you which is suitable for applications, services, work environment, and your business structure. We set this up for you, management, take over service and maintenance.

Cloud without licences !!

With PlusClouds LEO Orchestration service you dont need to buy any licences for virtualization and cloud solution.

Pre-built efficient designs

PlusClouds provides pre-built and tested infrastructure designes so that you dont hassle any R&D and design.

Migration with experts

After we design and deploy your infrastructure our DevOps engineers will be there for you to help you with migration.

Building a cloud strategy

Each different company has different requirements so that we work on different strategy for both building and migrating to your own cloud.

You design the infrastructure you want, share with us and we will let you deliver while working.

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