Ansible Automation

Automation service built with Ansible, to create limitless capabilities for both automation and orchestration requirements, integrated directly to Orchestrator LEO of PlusClouds.

PlusClouds has implemented Ansible at its core to provide you the most comfortable automation experience ever. By integrating the Ansible at the core you will be able to run Ansible Playbooks at either with PlusClouds servers or 3 rd party cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform.

PlusClouds Ansible Automation platform is full of roles that are ready to work and test with various different Linux distributions. From Nginx to Security requirements automation service is ready for you.

Automated Automation Service with PlusClouds API

You can run either your pre-configured playbooks on your servers, or you can create playbooks on the fly and run them for any server in the world.

On demand Playbook

PlusClouds has API for on deman playbook generation with pre built roles

Ready to use roles

Most significant services like Nginx, MariaDB, LDAP are ready to run.

Configurable roles

You can setup your own configuration for the roles that you would like to run.

Free for a limited time

Ansible service is totally free for a limited of time !

Start your Free Account

Deployment finishes in 1 minute and you can start to work with your cloud server at the same minute.