Business Grade Cloud Servers

Designed to provide both cost effective and high quality virtual servers. Maintained and supported by highly skilled engineers.

Business Pro servers are perfect for businesses that require stability and performance with a reasonable price. With redundant storage and reliable servers, business pro series offers guarantied performance for business that would like to host business application like crm, e-commerce web sites.

Business Pro provides easy management and scalability with mid-level enterprise servers with total control over server and with automation support.

Reliable servers for reasonable price

Business Pro servers provides realiability and performance for mid-level business requirements.

Reliable Storage

Business Pro provides redundant raid 5 level storage and realiable network backend.

High performance

Built with high performance SAS disks and dedicated CPU cores.

Reliable network

Hosted in the biggest Telco in the island with redundant networking backend.

General Info CPU Memory Cloud Disk Transfer Price
P4000 Business Grade Server
Tiny server
1 512MB 5G 500G 5 $
P4000 Business Grade Server
Micro server: small, open-source apps & radio streaming
1 1G 10G 1T 10 $
P4000 Business Grade Server
Basic server: open-source apps, mid-sized web sites & small databases
2 2G 20G 2T 20 $
P4000 Business Grade Server
Entry level server: open-source apps with database & small databases
4 4G 40G 4T 40 $
P4000 Business Grade Server
Large server: CRM applications, web sites with average level traffic & mid-sized databases
8 8G 80G 8T 80 $

Do you require anonimity ?

Business Pro series servers are located in North Cyprus Turkish Republic with total isolation. That is why this datacenter provides you full anonimity.

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