Drive Engine

Access Easily from Everywhere. Define privilege to chosen IP addresses. Mount the drive to your server, or to your personal computer without any limitations. Get backup of VMware or XenServer.

Drive Engine is a smart storage gateway that can be connected directly to your servers using wide-area network (Internet) with protocols like NFS, SMB, iSCSI.

Drive Engine can also be used as a shared storage in between clients in a company or in an office using operating systems like Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Access Easily from Everywhere to your Cloud Backup

Drive Engine supports 4 main storage options to provide accessability from any server and use it as a Driver in the client.

Access Easily from Everywhere

Drive Engine provides samba, nfs, iscsi and webdav protocols for clients to connect

A remote drive for backup

Drive Engine acts as a drive on the VMware and KVM machine to be able to used as a drive like a sata drive

Great for disaster recovery

You can take your daily backups by using Drive Engine and start them on PlusClouds when disaster happens.

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