Proxy as a Service

Proxy as a Service designed to be a reliable proxy to protect customers production environment from external threats by redirecting traffic to local environment.

PlusClouds provides a free proxy as a service for users who would like to stay behind the firewall and, does not want to expose their server to public Internet. Proxy service is a really simple service that you will be able to use with a couple of click.

Just redirect your traffic to our proxy service either by DNS or other custom solution to our public proxy service and then create a record to reroute your traffic to your application behind the firewall.

General Info CPU Memory Cloud Disk Transfer Price
Proxy Machine Image
Tuned & configured for high performance proxy machine
N/A N/A N/A Not Included 10 $

Free proxy records @ PlusClouds

With shared PlusClouds Proxy service, you are welcomed to use it for free of charge.

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