Blazing Fast WordPress

Optimized for speed and agility with high quality, fast and rock-solid virtual server. Engineered by PlusClouds DevOps Engineers for highest expectation from a WordPress.

25 $

Easy to install

Just one click you install the WordPress.

Blazing Fast WordPress

Blazing Fast WordPress (BFW) is a customed version of high performance installation of WordPress with its required components. PlusClouds Engineers created this machine image to provide fastest implementation of WordPress for bloggers and media companies.

Blazing Fast WordPress is built with Nginx, MariaDB and Php-FPM. In addition to that it is customized and configured to achieve the highest performance.

Easy to maintain

Blazing Fast WordPress is customized for you to be able to update, upgrade or install new theme without any hassle with the code. Just provide system the password customly generated for your instance to WordPress and that is all!

Easy to scale

BFW is configured perfectly for scaling up and down easily. You can at any time scale your server vertically so that you guarantie your webpage up and running at all workloads.

Customized for fasted experience

    Components are selected carefully to provide highest page view per second with the minimum resources.

Being used by pros

    Media companies like, and is using BFW.

Supported by PlusClouds

    When you need help, PlusClouds is here to assist you. Just create a ticket for help to our Engineers.

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