Cloud Telephony Service

Clouf telephony service is a customized version of FreePBX with enhanced security features, patches and performance optimizastions.

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Secured and pre-configured

Our engineers customized and secured FreePBX for common attacks.

Cloud Telephony Service

Cloud Telephony Service is a custom built FreePBX Machine Image to provde the best PBX experience ever. This customly modified FreePBX Machine Image is ready for cloud telephony requirements for your company.


FreePBX installations as all other PBX installations are open to hacking and causing unwated criminal acts to happen by using your SIP lines. As PlusClouds has already provided more than 1000 PBX installations and hassled with lots of hacking attempts, we created security rules and policies to protect FreePBX installations by using our experiences. With pre-setup main security configurations you will be using this machine image without a hassle.

This installation of FreePBX is also comes with preconfiguration to work with SIP trunks that requires customizatinos at countries like Turkey.

SIP configurations included

To start immediately using this FreePBX installation, we have installed required configurations for common SIP providers.

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