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We have every component you need for your private cloud:

Pc Cloud Servers

Scalable Servers

Cloud Servers optimized for high performance, with discounts of up to 50%.

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Pc Cloud Hybrid

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to set up your own physical private cloud, you can minimize costs with a virtual private cloud.

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Pc Cloud Backup

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

A high performance storage service that provides various solutions for various storage needs, with performance that can be shaped around the budget.

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Pc Load Balancer

Load Balancer (LB)

Are you getting more visitors despite having reached the limit of your server? Check out our load balancer services.

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Pc Firewall


Protect your network from unwanted external traffic with the easy-to-use PlusClouds NetGateway®, even if you are not experienced.

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Clouds DNS

Scalable DNS

With Cloud DNS, it is cost free and easy to have your website load faster: Register domain name and update settings…

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Proxy Server

Nat & Proxy Management

Specially developed for our customers who want to mask the IP address of their server and keep their server private.

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PC Insurance

Ready-to-use Images

You can install 50+ pre-installed operating systems and services developed by PlusClouds engineers for you with just one click.


GBit capacity


Gigabyte RAM


Terabyte Disk



Our data centers are all high-density

We are able to provide service simultaneously from a total of 4 data centers; 3 in Turkey and 1 in Cyprus.

All of our data centers are supported by redundant network and security equipment. We offer the best private cloud performance available.


Finalize your costs with a private cloud data center;

Pc Dell Servers

Cost calculation component

Low cost-high performance thanks to private cloud servers set up in cooperation between PlusClouds and Dell.

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Pc Cloud Servers

Storage component

The highest ratio between price and performance one can get per terabyte, only on LEO SN series servers.

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Network component

With Dell-exclusive switches managed by software, you get the highest network performance at the lowest cost.

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Pc Orchestrator

Virtualization & Management

With Orchestrator LEO, you will get cloud infrastructure without having to pay any license fee.

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You can utilize customized services of PlusClouds with just one click:


You can live stream from your mobile phone or have viewers watch a pre-made video on social media platforms.

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PlusClouds Stash®

Using Stash, you can back up and store your valuable files on your phone and computer at affordable prices.

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PlusClouds Blitz®

You can monitor all of your systems and servers remotely, and even intervene automatically if necessary.

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Additional services you get while receiving services from us;

Remote Maintenance

Remote support

Our engineers, each with software and system experience, will be at your service whenever you request it.

PC Supporting

Community help

You can find solutions to your problems through our community, where we are constantly united and have various trainings.

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Strategy Developments

Infrastructure planning

We provide storage services that produce different solutions to different needs, with high performance that can vary according to the budget.

Monitoring Service

24/7 monitoring & maintenance

We monitor your systems and servers 24/7 within managed services and intervene as soon as possible.

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