Managed monitoring service Blizt!

With Blitz, you can fully automate monitoring services and start monitoring your servers automatically with APIs.


Monitor basic services such as CPU, RAM, Disk and services such as HTTP, HTTPS, SSL.

Monitor the basic resources of your servers and advanced services such as HTTP, Kafka, Tomcat, HAProxy, Hadoop, Tomcat, HAProxy and Hadoop instantly and be notified immediately in case of any problem

  • Track advanced services such as Hashicorp Vault, Hikvision.
  • Track databases such as ySQL, MSSQL.
  • Be notified of the status of CI/CD pipelines.
  • Listen to services like NTP, PHP-FPM, Squid.


Use professional monitoring services such as Zabbix and PRTG with the comfort of Blitz, don’t worry about infrastructure problems and management.

Core 200

Monitor hundreds of devices

With the specialized infrastructure and advanced hardware, PlusClouds Blitz can simultaneously monitor 100x more devices than the average monitoring service.

Intelligent load balancing

Integrate with ease

Easily start monitoring your devices with advanced automation services and be notified of problems quickly

Up and running 24/7

Unlimited agent support

Thanks to the scalable infrastructure, an unlimited number of agents and devices can be tracked, and service information of the devices can be monitored.

Health Check

Registration up to 90 days

With data recorded up to 90 days in the past, you can see what has changed in the last 90 days and why you have problems

Try out the Blitz service for free

Constantly monitor hundreds of services, get instant updates on how they operate and work..

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Price / Month
Free Monitoring Service
Includes 40 sensors per account
Monitoring Service
Per sensor

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