We design our servers ourselves

Our Leo server series, which we have developed in Radius PoC Center Laboratories and produced specially in partnership with Dell OEM, are able to offer three different cloud services.

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For companies and enterprises that value performance, agility and security;

PlusClouds LeoOne serisi sunucular

Leo One Series Servers

Affordable yet high-performance cloud servers that provide very high IO performance with SSD/NVMe disks mounted directly on the motherboard, specially developed for PlusClouds' farm-type cloud nodes.

  • Consistent high performance due to balanced CPU, RAM and Disk ratio
  • Consistent high performance due to SSD/NVMe disks connected directly to the motherboard and then to the CPU
  • Ability to traffic up to 8.5Mbit between virtual machines
  • High price/performance ratio with discounts of up to 50% available for long-term contracts
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Leo Star serisi sunucular ve depolama üniteleri

Leo Star Series Servers

Servers with redundant infrastructure, specially designed for non-stop operation, best suited for corporate companies.

  • Up non-stop with end-to-end redundant architecture.
  • High network performance with 40 GBit backbone
  • High performance with high processor and ram balancing.
  • Long-lasting storage with redundant SAS disk media.
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HPC Series Servers

With the combination of PlusClouds' farm-type cloud nodes and high-performance servers, hundreds of CPUs are under your hands in a matter of minutes.

  • High processing capacity with high performance CPU and RAM
  • Ability to simultaneously utilize hundreds of core CPUs while the reservation system is up
  • High performance and problem-free disk utility with high IO architecture
  • Discounts of up to 50% available in the long-term
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Variant server architectures

All our servers are specially designed to fit different needs. That’s why they have variant features.

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Leo One
Starts at: $9.36 / Month
Leo Star
Starts at: $19.95 / Month
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Management with API
Network port speed 20 Gbit 40 Gbit 40 Gbit
Network redundancy
Storage redundancy -
Horizontal scaling
Instant horizontal scaling
Vertical scaling Limited
Instant vertical scaling Limited
Mass storage support
Redundant servers -
Run on a different host -
Per-second billing
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