Affordable and high-capacity storage is just a few clicks away.

You can store files that do not need to be accessed often in our affordable and unlimitedly expandable storage system, and you can easily access these files from outside in any case of need.

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PC Mass Storage


Developed specially for those looking for high capacity and affordable prices all at once.

Core 200

Redundant disk architecture

Runs on at least 12 disks and 2 nodes in each data center with ZFS and GlusterFS.

Intelligent load balancing

Most affordable prices

Lowest cost per terabyte among direct storage systems.

Up and running 24/7


Enable MassStorage directly on your server from the panel and start using right away.

Health Check

Same network, different location

MassStorage resides in the same data center as your server but in different cabinets, so even if your server goes down, MassStorage will not be affected.

Yenibosna, İstanbul, Turkey

The contract and discount prices at our flagship data center in İstanbul.

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Price / Hour
Price / Month
Contract / Month
Per 10 GB Mass Storage 10G GB $0.0002 $0.15 $0.08
1 TB Mass Storage 1000 GB $0.02319 $17.25 $8.63

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