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Securely store all files from your mobile device and computer in the cloud

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Developed especially for those looking for high capacity and affordability.

Core 200

Keep your files with you at all times

Whether you're at home or at work, you can access your files instantly from anywhere using your mobile devices or computer. Even if you don't have any of your devices with you, you can still access them online from the web.

Intelligent load balancing

Share your files securely

With PlusClouds Mass Storage technology, you can easily store hundreds of gigabytes of data at very affordable prices. As secure as your own computer, safe to share with anyone you wish.

Up and running 24/7

For your photos and music

You can securely store your personal information, files, photos and archives. You can also listen to them or view them on this medium if you wish.

Health Check

Backup constantly

Start backing up photos as soon as you take them with the PlusClouds Stash mobile app.

Teknosa Stash Price List

Below is the pricing of our service, where you can safely store your files and photos on MassStorage's servers in Istanbul, Turkey.

For corporate use, you can click here to have our sales representatives call you.

Price / Hour
20 GB - 0 TRY
50 GB - 7.5 TRY
100 GB - 8.5 TRY
200 GB - 17 TRY
1 TB - 35 TRY
2 TB - 44 TRY
20 GB Taahhütlü - 0 TRY
50 GB Taahhütlü - 3.75 TRY
100 GB Taahhütlü - 4.25 TRY
200 GB Taahhütlü - 8.5 TRY
1 TB Taahhütlü - 17.5 TRY
2 TB Taahhütlü - 22 TRY

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