Isolated, private cloud dedicated to your company or application.

NetGateway that enables you to directly manage your network the way you want it. An entry-level gateway and firewall that's fast, lightweight and affordable.

Set up your private data center for free!


You can run all of your applications or services in separate isolated environments and set up separate secure environments.

Core 200

Automatic CIDR/Subnet

PlusClouds IP system enables you to run all services on your local network without experiencing network conflicts between your networks.

Intelligent load balancing

Easy management with NetGateway

When used with NetGateway, you can fully automate basic networking needs such as IP, VPN, and data center management.

Up and running 24/7

Network rules (ACL)

Enables you to manage traffic between the local and public network (internet) and set the security rules you want.

Health Check

Virtual firewall support

If you wish, you can manage your network with powerful firewalls using open source services such as OpenSense, pfSense or vyOS.

Want to secure your private network?

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