Powerful, stable and scalable physical cloud server.

Meet our servers, which we have optimized based on usage density and habits of thousands of our customers, with utilization that can reach up to 100%.


With our 20 years of server service experience, the cloud servers we produce together with Dell and Radius:

100% Utilization

CPU, RAM and Harddisks have been carefully selected to ensure that you can utilize all the resources of the server to the fullest.

Uninterrupted and long-lasting

Coming with a 5-year warranty, Leo series servers are designed to run for an average of 8 years non-stop.

High network performance

Autoscaled applications always run with the highest performance with no bottleneck problems.

Embedded operating system

Leo runs on a redundant chip embedded in servers, so you get the most out of disk resources.

Low energy consumption

Leo is optimized to consume a maximum of 300W/Hour, so you can run up to 12 servers per cabinet in data centers in Turkey standards.

DL series pure performance

You don’t have to host disks on specially developed DL type servers, you can grow your cloud environment directly with only processor and ram.

910,000 IOPS per second

Get dizzying performance with 910,000 IOPS per second thanks to 4th generation PCIe NVMe running on specially built Type H servers.

Leo Compute Node Servers

Grow your environment instantly with delivery within 5 hours in Istanbul and 2 business days outside Istanbul

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Leo CN120DL
40 Thread, 256 GB RAM, 20G Netw, Redundant Power
40 256 GB 0 GB 10G + 10G $9384
Leo CN120
40 Thread, 256 GB RAM, 3.84TB SSD, 20G Netw, Redundant Power
40 256 GB 2560 GB 10G+10G $15072
Leo CN120H
40 Thread, 512 GB RAM, 1.6TB PCIe SSD, 20G Netw, Redundant Power
40 256 GB 1600 GB 10G+10G $15540
Leo CN164A
128 Thread, 256 GB RAM, 3.84TB SSD, 20G Netw, Redundant Power
64 256 GB 2560 GB 10G+10G $22680
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5 years of on-site Dell Pro Support with warranty

5 year onsite warranty

No matter where you are in the World, your broken parts will be replaced onsite under 5-year Dell warranty.

We'll be there the next work day

Once you report the problem, we will visit you with your spare part ready for replacement on the next working day.

Software update guarantee

For 2 years you can update and use all Leo services with no additional cost.

We respect your information and KVKK(personal data protection law)

With our special guarantee, you can keep your broken disk and we will bring you a new hard disk.

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