Hybrid Cloud Switches

Designed specifically to work in the Cloud

Redundant 1U switch with 10/25 Gbit ports, and 100GBit storage and uplink connections.


The most affordable and best performing switch compared to competitors.

High Computing

Cloud native architecture

Designed specifically for cloud environments, Leo NN series switches stay up and running with 10/25 active server connections.

PC Insurance

High speed storage

High performance for storage servers with dedicated 100 Gbit ports that can be split into 4x25 Gbit ports to easily connect up to 12 servers at the same time.

Up and running 24/7

100 Gbit uplink

Consistent high performance with unique devices with a total of 6x100 Gbit uplinks that radically solve performance problems in data centers.

Pc Big Data

With SDN support

Included SDN support comes with VLAN, VxLAN and other NFV features.

Leo Network Node Servers Systems

Instantly step up with switches that come with a 5-year on site warranty valid all over Turkey.

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Leo NN240
Leo NN840
Leo NN1800


5 years of on-site Dell Pro Support with warranty

High Computing

5 year onsite warranty

No matter where you are in the World, your broken parts will be replaced onsite under 5-year Dell warranty.

PC Insurance

We'll be there the next work day

Once you report the problem, we will visit you with your spare part ready for replacement on the next working day.

Up and running 24/7

Software update guarantee

For 2 years you can update and use all Leo services with no additional cost.

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