Keep Your Regulatory Compliance Up-to-Date with Penetration Testing

Keep Your Regulatory Compliance Up-to-Date with Penetration Testing

In the network infrastructures that make up the information systems with penetration testing; Before a possible attack, companies have the opportunity to identify vulnerabilities in their network infrastructure. Tests allow these vulnerabilities to be eliminated without an attack. Web application, Client Side Penetration, Database, Mobile Application and Social Engineering Tests constitute Penetration testing processes. Penetration testing services required by laws and ISO 27001 compliance, KVKK, PCI DSS and similar security standards and regulations are carried out by an experienced, certified expert technical staff.

What is the Importance of Regulatory Compliance for Organizations?

Institutions are obliged to fulfill the requirements of complex regulations. However, on the other hand, the management program they create must be industry-focused and flexible enough to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Penetration testing helps organizations anticipate and comply with regulatory changes. It offers programs and services that take compliance risks into account. It creates an effective work to respond immediately to regulatory changes.

Identifying and effectively managing the factors that make the difference between creating value and risking success can only be achieved through the proactive approach of an organization with high risk intelligence. Penetration testing enables the creation of risk and regulatory compliance strategy and planning reports.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing a Penetration Testing Company?

Penetration testing requires professionalism. Different companies for the same business can perform a penetration test in just one day or in just a few months. For the same business infrastructure, while one company says that there is no risk, another company can show that all kinds of information can be accessed and changes can be made. For this reason, it is important to choose the right company, especially for legal and ISO 27001 compliance. According to general sector experience, the following points should be considered when choosing a company.

Competencies of the Team

You should make sure that the company has many years of experience in this field and has proven its competence with certificates. In addition, the test team you choose should consist of people who receive training on new attack methods and new certifications every year to keep themselves up-to-date.

Company References

It is a great advantage that the company you will work with has hundreds of penetration test references. You should pay attention to the fact that they have various experiences in the Ministry, Municipality and many private sector companies. When you want, they should be able to share their references with you with permission from customers.

Reliability of the Company

The process of compliance with the law and ISO 27001 compliance should be carried out especially by reliable companies. You should choose a company that has made a reliable name in the sector for many years. You can also examine the certificates of the company to test its reliability. You should prefer companies that stay away from all kinds of unethical work.

Penetration Test Methodology

You should pay attention to the application of penetration testing methodologies specific to the infrastructure or application to be penetration tested. You can also request a presentation before the working methodology test.

Report Security

Penetration test reports contain critical information for organizations. It is useful to prefer companies with sharing and encryption systematics specially developed for report security.

Structure of the Report Presented as an Example

It is very important that the prepared sample report is understandable, contains solutions and presents findings according to risk levels. The prepared report must comply with penetration test reporting standards. Companies can benefit from a separate software for the report standard.

What are the Contributions of Penetration Testing to Your Company?

One of the most important advantages of penetration testing is that it provides information security awareness. It is vital for security that vulnerabilities can be checked and reported with an aggressive view. Penetration testing takes up-to-date measures against internal and external threats in a company’s information systems. It reveals studies in accordance with the laws and ISO 27001 compliance processes. We can list the contributions of penetration testing to your company as follows.

  • It makes your systems more resistant to possible attacks.
  • Increases user-based information security awareness.
  • Prevents systems from stopping or resource filling.
    -. Carries out the necessary work on legal and ISO 27001 compliance.
  • It also plays an important role in protecting brand value.

Thanks to the penetration test, the vulnerabilities of the system are revealed in all details. It is determined which of these points can be exposed to attacks. With penetration testing, necessary security measures are taken and your regulatory compliance is kept up to date.

PlusClouds Penetration Testing Services

At PlusClouds, we help businesses strengthen their cybersecurity strategy by offering our customers a comprehensive penetration testing service. Our specialized security team is made up of experienced cybersecurity experts and tests our clients’ systems against attacks using the latest techniques and methods. In our penetration testing process, we work rigorously to identify our clients’ security vulnerabilities, identify potential risks and recommend appropriate corrective measures. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of security and offer solutions to protect their businesses against cyber threats.

If you want to have a penetration test, you can start by filling out the Penetration Test Request Form on our website.