Age of AI is here and they are constantly checking on you.

With our advanced penetration and security checking service, we always keep you secure and up to date.

If you wish, our team of talented engineers are here to protect you!


Here are the attacks that we see lately;

Data leaks

One of the most common types of attacks in recent years is data leakage. This attack aims to make you lose prestige.

Social engineering attacks

The purpose here is to harm your company by pretending to be your employee and accessing or changing your sensitive information.

Zero day attacks

There will always be problems with the software you start using for the first time. Protecting these software directly will protect you.

Malware attacks

Malware attacks, which are generally referred to as internal threats, are attacks made by installing a virus or trojan on a computer within your company.

Advanced screening test for enterprise companies;

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How we do advanced security testing ?

Free scans only partially protect you from outside attacks. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you run an advanced security scan.


We collect information

We conduct internal and external tests with the information we collect from you and the test tools we install in your environment.


We report the vulnerabilities we find

We share the vulnerabilities we find with you and help you to fix these problems. If you wish, we can help you in this regard.


We retest your environment

We test it again in order to understand whether the existing vulnerabilities are closed correctly, and to find new vulnerabilities, and we make sure of the security.

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What do you get at the end of the test?

  • It finds vulnerabilities in your system and you can fix them.
  • You minimize the impact of the risks.
  • You stay under control all the time and you comply all the regulations.
  • You keep your data under constant control.
  • It constantly helps you to keep up with industry standards, so you stay up to date.
  • You keep your payment systems safe and protected from unexpected attacks.
  • You always keep your trust in your environment and the system you set up high.

And most importantly, you will sleep well at night and make your managers happy.

Types of Penetration Tests

White Box Penetration Test

The penetration test specialist is informed by authorized persons within the company and has information about the systems about the company. In this approach, the damages that may be caused to the systems by people who have been in the company before, who are still working or who have joined the network as a guest, are detected/simulated and reported.

Black Box Penetration Test

In this approach, no information is shared with the company performing the penetration test, only the target systems are specified. By pretending to be a hacker trying to infiltrate in order to leak information or cause various damages, damages to systems are detected/simulated and reported. It is the method that is close to a real attacker point of view that can directly affect the attack surface.

Grey Box Penetration Test

It is a test type between White Box and Black Box. In this approach, it is a type of security test in which the access authorizations of employees or contractors in the network or using any service in the system are evaluated.

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