Storage Servers

Storage server directly connected to the Cloud

The moment you connect the server to your cloud environment, you can divide and fragment the areas among all servers and start using.


The best storage servers in Turkey in terms of price/performance ratio.

High Computing

iSCSI and NFS support

All storage servers are built on ZFS and come with iSCSI and NFS support.

PC Insurance

Hypervisor/VM support

Can be connected directly to the virtualization platform and run virtual machines, or can be connected to virtual machines as you wish.

Up and running 24/7

The best Price/Performance ratio

The cost per Terabyte is less than $5 per month on C-series Cold storage servers.

Pc Big Data

High IO with Full Flash

Network at over 100,000 IOPS per second with FF series high-performance storage servers.


Energy saving optimization

Leo is optimized to consume a maximum of 750W/Hour, so you can run up to 6 storage servers per cabinet in data centers in Turkey standards.

Health Check

SAS and Full Flash options

With SAS for high capacity and SSD for high performance, PlusClouds storage servers meet your exact needs.

Health Check

5 years of non-stop working

PlusClouds storage servers come with a 5-year on-site warranty and 8 years of optimal uptime.

Leo Compute Node Servers

Grow your environment instantly with delivery within 5 hours in Istanbul and 2 business days outside Istanbul.

For free PoC (trial) or data center visits, you can click here to have our sales representatives call you.

Leo SN192
20 Thread, 192 GB RAM, 192 TB Disk, 20G Netw, Redundant Power
192 TB 20 $27288
Leo SN384
40 Thread, 384 GB RAM, 384 TB Disk, 40G Netw, Redundant Power
384 TB 40 $41100
Leo SN10-FF
40 Thread, 64 GB RAM, 10 TB SSD Disk, 40G Netw, Redundant Power
10 TB 40 $40740
Leo SN23-FF
40 Thread, 128 GB RAM, 23 TB SSD Disk, 100G Network
23 TB 100 $19773.75
Leo SN46-FF
48 Thread, 128 GB RAM, 46 TB SSD Disk, 50GbE Netw, Redundant Power
46 TB 50 $59610
Leo SN144C
6 Threat, 8 GB RAM, 144 TB SATA Disk, 20G Netw, Cold Storage
144 TB 20 $40404


5 years of on-site Dell Pro Support with warranty

High Computing

5 year onsite warranty

No matter where you are in the World, your broken parts will be replaced onsite under 5-year Dell warranty.

PC Insurance

We'll be there the next work day

Once you report the problem, we will visit you with your spare part ready for replacement on the next working day.

Up and running 24/7

Software update guarantee

For 2 years you can update and use all Leo services with no additional cost.

Pc Big Data

We respect your information and KVKK(personal data protection law)

With our special guarantee, you can keep your broken disk and we will bring you a new hard disk.

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