Real, comfortable, and luxurious cloud experience in your own data center

Transform your existing data center into a cloud data center and enjoy cost savings.


Enjoy having your own private data center without operation costs!

PC Durable Ram

Fully automated management

With LeoCO Cloud Orchestrator, you can automate all your processes and write your own processes if you wish.

Intelligent load balancing

Real orchestration

Seamless management with components that trigger each other. For example, if the wrong password is entered 3 times in your application, you can block the IP address with the API.

Up and running 24/7

Data center management with CI/CD

You can manage, program and scale all components directly in the data center with CI/CD.

Health Check

Software-managed data center

You can start managing the components in your data center directly with software such as PHP, .Net, Python, and add or remove anything you want.

PC Durable Ram

Swarm & Kubernetes support

You can install and manage Kubernetes and Swarm in your own data center, at your own costs, without any surprises.

Intelligent load balancing

SDN and NFV support

You can manage your entire network and the components running on it (Load Balancer, Firewall, VPN, DNS, etc.) with the software and make it fully automated.

Up and running 24/7

Manage your costs

You can separate the teams (software development, marketing, production, etc.) working in your data center and plan resources.

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Reduce costs by up to 75%

Using Leo hardware components with LeoCO can achieve cost savings up to 75%, therefore bringing you closer to your growth plans.

Whether you’re managing a data center or providing cloud services!

You can always utilize Leo Cloud Orchestrator for your data center or use it for data center commercialization.

In enterprise companies, you minimize your data center and IT costs along with your operational costs. LeoCO enables you to manage a smooth IT environment by minimizing human-related system errors as well as all human-induced errors.

If you provide cloud, server and hosting services; LeoCO can manage your direct sales processes and support processes fully automatically, so that you focus on your service quality, sales and marketing activities. Your sysadmins are no longer support staff for your customers, but real engineers developing products and services.

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