Increase Customer Loyalty and Preserve Brand Prestige with Penetration Testing

Increase Customer Loyalty and Preserve Brand Prestige with Penetration Testing

The emotions or attitudes that cause a customer to want to buy a particular product or repurchase are referred to as customer loyalty. Customer loyalty has a special place today, especially for e-commerce businesses. Brand reliability is one of the main factors that increase customer loyalty. Businesses that establish trust carry customer loyalty to the highest levels. One of the most important elements that businesses should pay attention to in establishing trust is their system infrastructure. Infrastructure security can be ensured through regular Penetration testing.


What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing utilizes the methods used by cyber criminals in the real world. With this test, just like in real attacks, an organization’s IT infrastructure is infiltrated and infrastructure elements are tried to be captured. In the application of this test, testers have to think like a hacker. The practitioners determine infiltration and compromise scenarios and apply these scenarios one by one. Thus, they try all the methods that attackers can try.

When a real attack is encountered, the implementers repair the vulnerability points of the system and provide application security. Licensed or open-source tools are used during penetration tests. They can use scanning tools or they can use manual tests specific to the organization. All vulnerabilities are identified as much as possible and remediation efforts are planned. Implementation of penetration test plans are important steps for businesses’ reassurance processes.

What is the Purpose of Penetration Testing?

IT assets are tested with penetration testing. Weak points on these assets are identified. The weak points found and the methods of eliminating these weak points are the most important parts of the process. In penetration tests, different scenarios are created according to each asset. These scenarios determine the scope of the test to be performed. The progress of the test is also a guide for penetration techniques and techniques to bypass security devices and products. The objectives of penetration testing based on national and international metadological approaches are as follows.

  • It enables the organization to analyze and audit the efficiency of security policies.
  • It scans data center weaknesses and vulnerability scanning in detail.
  • Provides data that can be used by audit teams collecting data for compliance with standards.
  • Measures the security capacity of data centers. It also reduces the cost of security audits.
  • It systematically realizes the implementation of renewal plans suitable for known weaknesses.
  • It reveals the risks and threats faced by the data center.
  • The efficiency of network security devices is evaluated.
  • Provides a comprehensive report that determines the action plans to be implemented to prevent possible attacks and exploitation attempts.
  • Determines whether the existing infrastructure needs a change or upgrade.

Before penetration testing, organizations should conduct a risk assessment that will reveal the threats that data centers may face. Penetration testing also has an important place on the brand value of the business. The data of a reliable business is safely protected. In this case, brand prestige always remains high.

What is the Importance of Penetration Testing?

New cyber security angles are constantly identified in systems. These vulnerabilities are exploited by criminals. Proactively identifying these vulnerabilities is very important for the security of your business. For businesses, customer loyalty is one of the points to be emphasized. This is based entirely on trust in the brand. Businesses that gain the trust of their customers have no problems with continuity. However, when systems that are open to abuse by malicious people do not complete the security steps, the credibility of the brand is also damaged.

Penetration tests are used to eliminate this situation and reassure. Penetration testing, performed only by a professional security expert, allows you to accurately identify the security problems you face. You should regularly perform penetration tests to protect the value of your brand, minimize potential damage and ensure customer loyalty. We can explain the importance of penetration testing as follows.

  • You can identify security flaws so that you can resolve potential issues or implement appropriate controls.
  • You can ensure that your existing security controls are effective.
  • You can test new software and systems for bugs.
  • You can discover new bugs in your existing software.

Penetration testing’s reports on identifying vulnerabilities and developing solutions are vital for your business. In this way, you can protect your data, reduce financial losses, build customer trust, and ensure customer loyalty. You should get support from a professional company to identify existing and potential vulnerabilities and repeat this support periodically.

PlusClouds Penetration Testing Services

At PlusClouds, we help businesses strengthen their cybersecurity strategy by offering our customers a comprehensive penetration testing service. Our specialized security team is made up of experienced cybersecurity experts and tests our clients’ systems against attacks using the latest techniques and methods. In our penetration testing process, we work rigorously to identify our clients’ security vulnerabilities, identify potential risks and recommend appropriate corrective measures. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of security and offer solutions to protect their businesses against cyber threats.

If you want to have a penetration test, you can start by filling out the Penetration Test Request Form on our website.