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NetGateway that enables you to directly manage your network the way you want it. An entry-level gateway and firewall that's fast, lightweight and affordable.

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Lightweight and hassle-free firewall solution for high performance applications. Built in features include:

Core 200

HTTP(S) Load Balancer

NetGateway comes with an OpenResty (Nginx) based load balancer for web services or websites.

Intelligent load balancing

TCP, UDP Load Balancer

The HAProxy service installed in NetGateway provides load balancing feature for all services running on UDP and TCP.

Up and running 24/7

Client 2 Site VPN

The included OpenVPN Server enables you to use certificate based VPN and connect to your network securely.

Health Check

Site 2 Site VPN

In order to use multiple networks together, Site2Site provides VPN service that supports firewalls such as Juniper, Cisco, Fortigate, Sophos.

Core 200


Access your servers over the internet without giving them public IP with a lightweight and fast proxy service for simple web services.

Intelligent load balancing

Internal DNS

The included DNS service enables you to manage your local DNS records via API.

Up and running 24/7


Built in NAT service with direct API support for simple port forwarding needs.

Health Check


NTP service on demand to synchronize your internal network or other connected networks.

Core 200

IAM Destekli VPN

You can issue separate certificates for each user and enter custom firewall rules with separate user profiles.

NetGateway License Fees

Comes with the same license fees for all data centers.

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Price / Hour
Price / Month
Contract / Month
XSmall Licence 2 1 GB N/A Not Included $0 $0 $0
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Notice: There is no correlation between license fees and the price of the virtual/physical server on which NetGateway runs. Virtual/physical server fees may be charged separately.

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