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Enjoy the peace and compfort while using high quality PlusClouds products for your IT infrastructure.

  • Enterprise Grade Cloud Servers Fully managed, edge to edge high available design. State of art infrastructure with minimum downtime possible in a rack. Ready to provide agility for enterprise applications and requirements.
  • Business Grade Cloud Servers Designed to provide both cost effective and high quality virtual servers. Maintained and supported by highly skilled engineers.
  • Drive Engine Access Easily from Everywhere. Define privilege to chosen IP addresses. Mount the drive to your server, or to your personal computer without any limitations. Get backup of VMware or XenServer.
  • Virtual Private Cloud PlusClouds Virtual Network built to provide virtual private cloud environments for applications that require extesive security
  • Load Balancer Application Load Balancer designed by PlusClouds Engineers, focused on highly scalable critical applications like e-commerce and high traffic web sites.
  • Application Firewall Application Firewall desgined by PlusClouds Engineers to provide affordable, extesible and easily managable security.
  • Proxy as a Service Proxy as a Service designed to be a reliable proxy to protect customers production environment from external threats by redirecting traffic to local environment.
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) With our cloud DNS service speed-up connections to your website in 5 minutes!
  • Ansible Automation Automation service built with Ansible, to create limitless capabilities for both automation and orchestration requirements, integrated directly to Orchestrator LEO of PlusClouds.
  • Blitz Enterprise Monitoring Enterprise monitoring service built on top of Zabbix, fully managed and enriched by PlusClouds DevOps Engineers.
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Are you looking for a specific solution ? Take a look at PlusClouds' custom build, optimized and turn key cloud solutions.

  • Blazing Fast WordPress Optimized for speed and agility with high quality, fast and rock-solid virtual server. Engineered by PlusClouds DevOps Engineers for highest expectation from a WordPress.
  • Cloud Telephony Service Clouf telephony service is a customized version of FreePBX with enhanced security features, patches and performance optimizastions.
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PlusClouds Engineers has the most extensive capabilities, tools and experince in building and managing custom infrastructures.

  • Automation & Platform Design We build scalable and manageable platforms not by just designing and maintaining the infrastructure but provide solutions when the software is being developed.
  • Managed Application Hosting PlusClouds provides managed hosting services for customers who would like to offload their operations requirements for websites and web applications.
  • Active/Active Replication Do you want to continue your work without any intervention in disaster situations with our “Active-Active DR” Disaster Recovery product ?
  • Cloud at your site PlusClouds provides platforms depending to your performance, software and security requirements. We also provide turn-key infrastructure for monthly payments with our partners.
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From now,
control is your!

Choose from various different tiers & designs for your IT requirements.

Automated Process

Because PlusClouds has implemented Ansible in its core and you can build yourself a playbook on the fly.


You have the controls

Our easy-to-use UI enables you to control your application and server like a pro.

Managed Services

Very well trained and experienced PlusClouds DevOps Engineers are ready for support.

Keep track of your servers

Using PlusClouds Monitoring service (Blitz) keep your environment up and running.

Keep your IT infrastructure
up and running.

Either manage your services by using our control panel, or let your infrastructured managed by our engineers.

You have the controls

Our enhanced infrastructure, by using PlusClouds knowledge base and experience.

Increase your efficiency

Run your applications on an optimized environment and increase performance.

Decrease your costs

Enterprise series provides you best performance and lets you decrease your resources.

Take automated backups

By using our automation engine, you can automate your backups and snapshots

Prevent from disasters

Active-Active service design keeps you up and running on different datacenters.

Consult to our Engineers

Our highly trained and experienced teams are ready to consult your infrastructure.

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Deployment finishes in 1 minute and you can start to work with your cloud server at the same minute.